06 June 2009

On With The Show

...and fluoride rat killer, and fluoride Teflon, and fluoride Sarin nerve gas, and fluoride anaesthesia, and fluoride Rohypnol (date rape drug), and... oh. Sorry -- I just can't help but to raise some eyebrows on this horrible crap.

Read this page! Sign the petition to Obama about the proposed new USDA head (who is also the head of Monsanto -- watch Future of Food to see how evil HE is)... and read about how fluoride pesticides contribute to honeybee CCD, and also how much fluoride pesticide residue is allowed in American foods!!!

Go organic, baby. And know that, in the very least, for this reason alone, it's not just some yuppie health fad.

Fluoride Action Network Pesticide Project

...and hey, watch this while you can:

But hey. SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, right??

I'll be rebutting that particular group's "pro" argumentation two days from now at the Durango Water Board monthly meeting. Best friends, as they are, with the ADA, I am willing to bet that the only "facts" they'll have at their disposal are the usual. But I've got this. And so much more.

(ie, the NRC review on EPA's standards of fluoride in the USA)

And can we forget about Arvid Carlsson? The Nobel Laureate who has advised against fluoridation?

Light and Truth,

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