08 September 2010

EPA's new "Drinking Water Strategy Discussion Forum"

Make your vote by actions! Take part in this nationwide government-level forum to remove toxic materials from our PWSs (Public Water Supplies) everywhere!

(from the EPA, per the linked forum site:)

Today, we are detecting new contaminants in drinking water at a much faster rate than we are addressing them. We have begun efforts to define approaches to address groups of contaminants that will be more efficient and keep pace with the increasing knowledge we have about chemicals in our products, our environment, and our bodies. We are looking for ideas to develop a framework that can be used to address the contaminants as groups. For example, a framework to define groups of contaminants could be based on similar health effects, co-occurrence in the environment or public water systems, comparable analytical methods, and/or related drinking water treatment. Frameworks based on one or more of these examples may be appropriate for different groups of contaminants.

  • What are some potential approaches for addressing contaminants as groups?
  • If you or your organization has experience addressing groups of contaminants, what factors have you considered that worked and which factors have not worked?
  • Have you identified potential group(s) of contaminants and what challenges or questions have you encountered in identifying potential group(s)?
  • What are some of the key scientific and implementation aspects that EPA should consider as we move forward?
  • Can you provide examples of contaminant groups that may present a meaningful opportunity to protect public health and reduce risk?

You want fluoride out? Say so. Bring the facts.